Inside the Studio

Combined in one...inside the historic Cherry Building, nests "the studio."  Luxurious, classy & timeless yarns and a groovy, little flower child (aka floral artist.) 

A brave third grade teacher taught me how to knit and I have been clicking needles ever since. 

The groovy, little flower child? ...well, have you ever watched the movie "Out of Africa?" (another Cheryl fav)  A movie line in the first few minutes...says it all..."I had a farm in Africa."   Mine goes more like this...."My grandparents had a farm in Iowa."  My beloved playground. for something, something years.  :)

The studio is ever changing...some days the floor is swept, some days the floor is carpeted with fresh floral cuttings, as we are wildly designing for a one of a kind wedding, event, or a little "hello" bouquet.  Some days, our knitting friends gather for friendship, or a little fix to a knitting "hiccup."   Some days, Cheryl is deep in thought...thinking, thinking, thinking. And some days Cheryl is not at the studio....but off on an adventure that surely will bring more of "something" inside the studio.

We love to see you!  But caution....the studio is not your typical yarn retailer or florist.  We are a working studio....always in progress.  Enter if you are ready for an adventure.  :)