How many years I have know her?  I don't really know,  But I remember the first time we met.  She was carrying in floral centerpieces for an infant fashion show I was hosting at the Cedar Rapids Country Club.  She was a florist with her own "blossoming" in home studio.  A friend of mine two should meet.  You look alike, have similar styles and LOVE flowers.  And voila!  We met.  We had the same frames for our glasses, finished each others sentences, loved wine, our birthdays are one day apart, and more most importantly....our names are both Cheryl!   We are now friends forever and call each other Cheryl to the 2nd power.

We have raised our children, now have grandchildren, help each other with design as needed and have become soul sisters. 

 I wish Cheryl peace and thank god that he brought Cheryl into my circle of friends. 

Looking forward to many more adventures! 

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