Five years ago I was lucky enough to design the wedding flowers for my daughter Lindsey.  I worked through the night in my little shop in  Palo.  I searched through my garden and walked up Vinton Street to "heaven on earth",  Kathy Zeller's garden.   We hand selected delicate garden flowers for Lindsey's bouquet.  I think it is one of greatest days of my life.

We wanted the bouquet to "quiver" when Lindsey walked down the isle.  It was a wild bouquet. Fragile, delicate  blossoms that grew carefree in what I believe to be the magical soil on Vinton Street. The bouquet grew. We had to add a little of this and that and a little more of our favorites,  Kiss mees.  But the combination of what mother nature does best was in that bouquet and it did take on a life of it's own. 

I honestly can't say I would recommend a mother of the bride to be the floral designer.  I was up on a ladder putting the finishing touches on the arbor when the photographer arrived.    Enough said on that.  But I recall...getting in the photos with shoes on and experiencing a magical moment.  My daughter was going to marry her best friend.

Five years later, I am so thankful to have experienced a couple explore life.  Friends are friends, love is love..and life is life.  You are both the best when you are the partners I designed flowers for five years ago. I hope you always remember that the rare blossoms of nature are wild, fragile, breathtaking and many times hidden.  Think about that for the next five years.   I love you  Maj.

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