There Comes a Time

I suppose if I were to share that Neil Young was (and still is) a favorite artist, it would reveal a glimpse into my mid to late 70's.  Oh well.  Since 2004, The Garden Wren has opened the doors to many interesting folks.  What has always amazed me is who finds their way in.  Since we are a small little working studio... people discover us by word of mouth or by chance.  Guess what I find interesting is that 99% of the is a perfect fit.  Someone looking for a little yarn, a little help with a knitting question, a floral bouquet, a unique wedding experience.  Then, it turns to something.   Something well beyond the customer and retail experience.  Isn't this why I opened the studio? In 2004,  I was looking for something too.  Raising five children, a remarriage.  Wow, it took a lot out of this gal. 

So, when I had the sweetest ever yarn customer mention opening the studio to a Monday morning knitting group, I  said, hmmm, let me think about it.  We tried it and like Noah's Arc...(kinda), one by one we gathered.  All bringing different tastes, projects, skills and personalities.  We are women who have raised our children into adulthood.  Some are grandmas, or waiting hopefully for the day.  We have experienced many accomplishments, hardships, and much yet unknown. Yet, we gather, share conversation, patterns, yarn,  and more importantly...encouragment, a smile, a hug and maybe a little extra twinkle, cuz we know, like the song," Comes a Time"....this old world does keep spinning around....dropped stitches,  and all...and yes, it's a wonder with everything life can give's a wonder tall trees ain't layin' down.  There comes a time when we need a little extra support.  We are tall trees, and I love the support from each one of the Monday Morning knitters. 

Feeling Blessed.

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