Glory, Sweet Glory

I read somewhere that business owners should share their personal side.  It gives your customers a little glimpse into who you are and who they are doing business with.  Well after 11 years.... I agree.  So,  chapter "whatever..."   another story. 

20 years ago, my fifth child was born.  A daughter...Anna Elizabeth.  Glory, Sweet Glory.  There are no words.  Mother, daughter...soul sister....ya ya sisters... connected together by an umbilical cord.... a shared soul, Sephora,  and one strand of hair.  LOL.  You know what I mean, Anna. 

I waited many years to have another daughter.  One daughter, three boys.. and ?  Well, the match arrived.  My two daughters, my bookends...with three boys in the middle.  I couldn't have asked for more.  Blessings x 5.

This year, we walk in our own shoes.  I admit it...yes.. I am walking a little wobbly.  A year to take steps to ... what I a little,  peace and glory.  My favorite artist is Pieta Brown and she has a song, titled Glory to Glory.  I love the beat and lyrics.  When I hear this sweet tune, it reminds me of dancing days in our kitchen.  This photo was one of Anna's high school graduation photos taken by a great photographer, really a photojournalist (who should be working for National Geographic) .....and soulful friend. Um, ok...I'm pretty sure she took this photo for me.    I love her.  Check out Araya Photography. 

 So, here we go, Anna....happy birthday! It's time to tell your story!   Let's dance!

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