"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

Well...we used to say..."a picture is worth a thousand words."  When we see a great photo, nowadays we say something like... "oooooh goosebumps" or simply, "no words".  If you have planned a wedding... you know it takes a village.  As florists, we work with many vendors...but I have a soft spot in my soul for the photographers.  Probably because my Dad was a photographer and I grew up waiting in his "lab" in our basement, for the next work of art.  We oooooed and awwwwed at each photo.  Now that he has passed, I am wanting to nurture that photo bug.   So, thank you to these great photographers; Eric Yerke Photography, Araya Photography, AE Photography and Hannah White Photography.   Photographers, keep sharing your work with us...The Garden Wren LOVES to share your photography. Enjoy the slide show!

cheryl sheeleyComment